Installing dependencies

splot is compatible with Python 3.8+ and depends on GeoPandas 0.9.0 or later and matplotlib 3.3.3 or later. Please make sure that you are operating in a Python 3 environment.

splot also uses

  • numpy

  • seaborn

  • mapclassify

  • Ipywidgets

Depending on your spatial analysis workflow and the PySAL objects you would like to visualize, splot relies on:

PySAL >=2.0

or the installation of separate packages found in the PySAL stack:

  • esda

  • libpysal

  • spreg

  • giddy

Installing the newest release

There are two ways of accessing splot. First, splot is installed with the PySAL 2.0 metapackage through:

`$ pip install -U pysal`


`$ conda install -c conda-forge pysal`

Second, splot can be installed as a separate package. If you are using Anaconda, install splot via the conda utility:

`$ conda install -c conda-forge splot`

Otherwise, you can install splot from PyPI with pip:

`$ pip install splot`


Most common installation errors are due to splot’s dependency on GeoPandas.

It often helps to first install GeoPandas separately from conda-forge with:

`$ conda install --channel conda-forge geopandas`

before installing splot (preferably also from conda, alternatively from pip).

For more information on troubleshooting the installation of GeoPandas with pip, see the GeoPandas docuemntation.

It is also possible to install splot with a later Python version (>3.8) through the separate installation of GeoPandas or through installation with conda-forge.

Installing the development version

Potentially, you might want to use the newest features in the development version of splot on github - pysal/splot while have not been incorporated in the Pypi released version. You can achieve that by installing pysal/splot by running the following from a command shell:

pip install git+

You can also fork the pysal/splot repo and create a local clone of your fork. By making changes to your local clone and submitting a pull request to pysal/splot, you can contribute to the splot development.